Choosing Maids Online/Offline

The Internet has become very commonly used for businesses and employment purposes and many Internet-savvy employers enjoy the convenience of short-listing their maids online before contacting the agencies concerned. This is especially true for transfer maids already in Singapore who can then be contacted for personal interviews. Here are steps to take when employing a maid.

Go to larger/established companies

Always go to companies that have several years of history. They are more trustworthy and you can be sure that they will not close down the company anytime soon and run away with your agency fees!

Read the agreement

Never blindly sign an agreement without thoroughly looking through the details. You will be binded by the contract and any important details you left out will not be to your favour. For example, find out if you get any coverage/refund if your maid commits an offence/runs away. Find out if there is replacement of another maid in that scenario and the terms and conditions.

Make sure the agency accepts post-dated cheques

When a dispute happens, you do not have to worry that your whole loan repayment for the maid will be forfeited. Now you can cancel the cheque if you need to.

Ask for a timeframe

New maids may take a while to arrive. In that scenario, it may take 1-3 months to process and you might be in need of a maid urgently, so ask for a timeframe. If it is too long a wait, you might want to request for another maid.
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